Yes – There are lots of fish in the modeling and acting sea!  What makes you different?  Although you will always be swimming in the sea of other models and actors out there, your success will depend upon one most important thing: commitment.  Commitment starts with a vision.  Where do you see yourself?  How do you fit in?

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The first thing to determine is what are you really good at?  Are you good at runway modeling or acting in soap operas?? Do you like to have your picture taken?  Are you really good at memorizing scripts? These are just a few examples of what you will need to find out as you progress into this very competitive field.  Remember this field is not only about the Miss America types and other beautiful people. it’s about having the right look for the client’s job.  You have to get your face out there and show potential clients that you exist.  Therefore, your portfolio book is one of the most important things.  On this website there are blogs about building your portfolio book.  Check them out!!!

The next thing to consider is – can you act?  If you’re just OK at acting, well that’s a start, but is seeking out an acting coach or taking acting classes right for you?  Watch for future blogs on acting workshops and coaching.  Also remember that modeling is really acting.  Posing, facial expressions, body language etc. can be considered non-speaking acting.  You do not necessarily have to go to modeling school in order to be a model!

The next thing to consider is where do you live?  Do you live in a part of our country that is conducive to modeling and acting jobs?  The Look Agency is located in the Northeast US near Philadelphia which is a prime spot to become involved in modeling and acting especially being within close proximity to New York City and Washington D!  Are you willing to travel?  If not, let your agency know your limitations.

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You must also consider your availability.  Do you have a full-time job that will allow you to be flexible? Or do you have vacation days or personal days that could be taken if you are offered a modeling job? Normally school-age kids are excused from a normal school day with the parent’s permission, however the talent does have to be in good standings with the school.  Also work permits are generally needed. Ask your modeling agency about Child Labor Laws in your state.

Another consideration is your look and body type.  Are you tall which is good for runway modeling?  Is your body type slender, average, athletic or plus size?  Is your face and body type better for fashion modeling, commercial and lifestyle video and print modeling, or are you a character type?  Both modeling and acting jobs are open to people of all shapes and sizes!

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Once you have considered how will modeling and acting fit into your world, then the next step would be to have your portfolio book done, work with acting coaches, visit websites that are legitimate and post possible bookings for you even if they are not top pay rate, and definitely find modeling agencies near you that are willing to work with you.  You should consider starting out with smaller jobs for print and also background or extra jobs for acting and videos.   Be prepared to go on auditions, go see’s, screen tests and casting calls.  Your agent may be able to help you with these; however, you must be prepared to also find these things on your own through legitimate websites, and networking as well as social media.

It may take a year or more for you to become really established and considered a professional model or actor.  This is normal.  Everybody goes through it.  You must have endurance and commitment and really understand how the industry works.  Just don’t give up – keep swimming!!