These are the most frequently asked questions we hear from new actors and models.

How do I get started as a model or actor?

To begin modeling or acting, the first step is to contact the Look Agency to set-up an evaluation and interview with one of our experienced agents. This may also involve a screen test (see below). You do not have to bring a professional photo portfolio book to your first appointment, but eventually you will need photos for clients (the companies who hire you through LOOK) to see what you look like. A photo portfolio book is a collection of photos which show your versatility and quality as a model. To hire a model or actor, clients contact the Look Agency to review available talent for their project. In order to show that you are professional (and worth hiring as a paid model or actor), you must have current, professional head shots and body shots in a portfolio book.  You should also have a digital version and a hard copy of your portfolio book. Digital/online portfolios allow clients to preview the models and actors they wish to hire and see up-to-date photos, resume and stats such as sizes, age range, etc. (LOOK can show you how to set up an online portfolio). For instance, our website offers a search option here. Clients can type in what they are specifically looking for and an actor’s or model’s photos can immediately be seen. It is still suggested that you have printed head shots, composite cards and portfolio books so you have something to leave with clients at auditions and go-sees. These are also helpful if a potential client asks your Agent to send hard copies of your photos.

What is a Go-See?

A Go-See is an appointment to Go See a client that might be interested in hiring you. A Go-See is not always for a specific job, sometimes it’s an opportunity for a client to see many new models and/or actors at once. Think of a Go-See as a relationship builder – they may not have a specific job for you at the moment, but if you make a good impression, they may later.

 What will I need to be marketed as a model or actor by your agency?

Most of our talent does both modeling and acting (even if the acting is for non-speaking video work). For modeling, you will need: Photos in a portfolio that show a variety of looks A composite card, which is usually a 6″ x 8” card with photos front and back, your name and stats For acting and on-camera video work, you will need: An 8 x 10 commercial head shot Resume In both cases an online presence is very beneficial and clients increasingly rely on finding models and actors using online portfolios.

 Do I have to go to modeling school to become a professional model or actor?

No. But this Agency suggests that you work with photographers to build your portfolio book and acting coaches to gain on-camera confidence.

 What is the difference between a model and actor agency and a casting agency?

Model and actor agencies work with casting directors and do not compete against each other. Casting agencies reach out to talent agencies like LOOK for submissions for projects.

What “type” of models and actors do you represent?

We have models and actors of all types and all ethnicities: men, women, fashion, fitness, plus size, character types, commercial/lifestyle talent, children, teens, adults. And pets, too! You do not have to look like a runway model or a glamorous actor to have a career.

 Is everyone accepted into the Look Models & Actors Agency?

No, unfortunately. If the Agency feels we can possibly find work for you as a paid professional model or actor, we will represent and market you to potential clients. We evaluate everyone individually and there are no group information “cattle calls” for new talent.

 How old do I have to be to start modeling and acting?

We represent infants to senior citizens.

 How much money can I make as a model or actor?

Rates for talent vary from client to client. Sometimes you are paid hourly and sometimes by the day. Each job is different. Full details of the job are sent to you before the assignment.

 Do you charge any fees?

No. Legitimate agencies never charge for representation. We earn commission when talent (our models and actors) book jobs, so it’s in our best interest to find work for you.

 Do you offer modeling and acting jobs outside of the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia?

Yes. We have talent mostly in the northeast United States, primarily Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.

 What kind of jobs can I expect from a full service modeling and acting agency like LOOK?

A full service models and actors agency hires talent for a variety of jobs such as print, runway, TV, commercial, industrial, film and promotional work (live events). See our At Work page for the types of work we get for our models and actors.

 Am I guaranteed modeling and acting work?

No. We present recommendations to the client and they select the model or actor that best suits the job. We can only suggest whom we feel might be best, based on experience, photos, etc.

 How do I prepare for my interview with LOOK?

Please dress appropriately but casually for your interview. If you are already an established model or actor, please bring your portfolio book, head shots, body shots, resume and demo reel if available. If you are just getting started and have some photos, bring what you have. If you have not yet worked as a model or actor, please bring several (2 or 3) printed photos.  These can be random photos from vacations or family events. The goal is to see how photogenic you are.

When are modeling and acting jobs held?

Modeling and acting jobs are usually held during the day and during the working week.  It is important that you have some flexibility to be able to attend bookings when the client is scheduling the shoot.  Some exceptions can be made for school-age talent that must attend school. However, it’s a good idea to speak to the school district about possible, occasional absences for bookings.  Often times clients will book talent for afternoons so that a child can attend school in the morning in order to receive credit for the day. Adult age talent should be able to take vacation days, sick/personal days.

 Can I also be represented by other agencies?

Yes. Look Models and Actors Agency is a non-exclusive agency, which means you are free to pursue opportunities through other agencies or on your own.

 How do I upload my photos to you?

Go to our Become A Model or Actor page and follow the directions. If you have not yet had any professional photos taken, please upload the best and highest quality photos you have. Please show us your smile and at least one body shot (full length). No nudity.

 Can I model and act if I have a full-time career?

Absolutely. We have many models and actors who do this full-time or part-time.

 How much notice do I get for bookings/auditions?

This is a very fast-paced business. In regional markets like the Lehigh Valley, at least a few days notice are usually given.  In larger markets such as New York or Philadelphia, sometimes only a day or two is given.  Each project is different.

 I think my child would be a great model. How can I submit his/her photos?

We’d love to see their photos! Go to our Become A Model or Actor page and follow the directions.

 I have the most adorable pet. How can I submit their photos?

We handle dogs, cats and birds, but not other animals. Go to our Pets page for more info.

 Is it okay to bring people with me to auditions?

If you are under 18, it is fine, and is required that you bring ONE parent or guardian with you. It is never considered professional to bring siblings or friends along.

 I want to cut my hair do I need to get new shots?

You must always arrive looking just like your images. Anytime you change your look (lose weight, color your hair, etc.) you must update your images. Again, that is one of the beauties of using online portfolios. They allow nearly instant updates.  For younger children who change quickly, we suggest that professional photos be taken initially and additional photos taken as the child changes.

 My hair is curly, but I often straighten it, should my pictures have it both ways?

You should give clients both. It will only enhance your booking potential.