Are you a belly dancer or a tight rope walker!? What special skills do you have?  What do you do that makes you – you?  Can you sing and dance, speak French, belly dance, juggle, ice skate, do stage combat etc.?  There are so many fun things that we do in our world today.  Other special skills can involve your everyday occupation, such as carpentry, chef, teacher, fashion designer, etc.  Often times having special skills are very important to who books certain modeling and acting jobs and who is the right person for the job.  Especially if the booking is showcasing something that is a lifestyle-oriented project that you can do!!  This is important in advertising, social media and the TV and film industry, in both print and video modeling and acting jobs.  Let’s say the job is showcasing golfing.  If you can golf and have the look the client is trying to show, you might be the perfect candidate and get booked for the job!!

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On every talent’s resume should be a paragraph that is entitled ‘Special Skills’.  This is where you would put the fun or unique things that you do in your life today.  Even kids and baby models and actors can have special skills such as loves animals, plays with blocks, knows the ABC’s etc.  If you list something on your resume’ under your special skills section, make sure that you are proficient at it.  If you have gone skiing one time, skiing should not be listed as one of your special skills.  It should be something that you are really good at, and could therefore be photographed or videoed doing the skill. If you have professional photos that support your special skills, it’s a good idea to include these in your model’s portfolio or acting video clips.  If not, put this on your to-do list and have a photographer take pictures of you doing your special skill or be videoed doing your skill.

Another positive with a special skills list on your resume’ is that it helps to fill in empty space especially for new talent.  All resumes should have a special skills section, but it can be especially beneficial to new talent whereby there’s not a ton of resume’ credits.

So, go ahead and practice your tight rope walking and put it on your resume’!  Or any other cool things that you love to do….