-Just imagine getting free skincare products, a recurring role, a QVC resume’ credit, and being paid for the booking!!  What exactly happens with this type of booking, and how can you get involved?

(Pictured, Look model featured in a “Progressional”. Scroll down for more content)

Skincare manufacturers contact Look Models & Actors Agency to hire models and actors to try new skincare products at home. The skincare products are provided to the talent at no charge for them to try on skin issues such as age spots, laugh and frown lines, dry skin, blemishes, etc. The products must be used for a specific, predetermined amount of time – normally 30 days. While experimenting with the products, the talent has to report to a weekly photo shoot session to showcase pictures of the changes in their skin since using the product. This is known as a progressional booking. The shoots take place near Philadelphia PA. The client then uses the images on episodes of QVC, which is a home shopping network, in order to promote and hopefully sell their products. The talent is usually paid at least $125 per hour for the photo shoot and often times much much more if the images are used for more than on TV.

Females are usually the captive audience for these types of products, however we have also booked men for some skin care lines. If you would like a chance to be part of skincare progressionals, please contact us through the ‘Let’s Talk’ form available at the bottom of the pages on the Look website. Be sure to tell us what you are interested in on the form before you submit it. Hope to hear from you soon!