Sure, but only if YOU want to!!  It’s great when friends and family members suggest that you get into the modeling and acting business and their encouragement definitely helps.  But you are the one that will be doing the hard work that this business takes, and then sure you also get the glory in the end if you are successful!!  Family and friends can share in your ups and downs, but it’s your heart that might be broken if you don’t get the part you really wanted.  Ask yourself if you’re up for the challenges- do you have the time, confidence, courage, and mostly the desire?  Well maybe you never thought about it before, so when someone else suggests the modeling and acting business to you, it might just plant the right seed to grow into something big for you!  It could change your life – if you and only you want it to!

(Pictured, Look models!!  Scroll for more content!!!)

Take the time to really think about it before making any decisions.  Do some research and check it out – is the business really what you (or your boyfriend) thought it was??  Be open minded to the possibilities.  Talk to reputable agencies.  Be prepared for possible rejection if it doesn’t work out – but isn’t that how all of life is?  What does success mean to you?  Money, fame and fortune or just the experiences and going new places and meeting new people?  And don’t forget, if you’re under 18 years of age, you need your parent’s okay.

What might be right for you or what’s the first step?  Go to Let’s Talk at the bottom of most pages on this website, and Let’s Talk!