Photographers for talent headshots & portfolio books

Look Models & Actors Agency represents professional photographers in the industry who can help you create marketing materials such as headshots and portfolio books.

Do you need help building a portfolio book? Or do you need headshots or body shots to help you get started or to update your photos?

Clients must see what you look like! This is a big part of being in the industry.

LOOK Models and Actors Agency has professional photographers and that can be utilized for taking all of the your marketing photos and/or photographers that can be hired for client bookings.

Photographers for client bookings

Look Models and Actors Agency also represents photographers that can be hired for actual client bookings. Rates are dependent upon subject matter.

Photo shoots for talent head shots and portfolio books

  • Headshot session (approximately 50 to 60 proofs) — One look (no wardrobe change) — $285
  • Combination headshot and body shot session (approximately 75 proofs) — 2 wardrobe changes — $355
  • Combination headshot and body shot session (approximately 100 proofs) — 3 wardrobe changes — $434
  • Partial portfolio test (approximately 200 proofs) — 4 wardrobe changes — $624
  • Full portfolio test (approximately 250 proofs) – 5 wardrobe changes — $749
  • Infant/toddler headshot & bodyshot session — (approximately 85 proofs) – 2 wardrobe changes  – $259)
  • All prices above include Hair, Make-Up & Styling Specialist

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