Look Models & Actors Agency is proud to work with many major clients through our modeling and acting agencies in Northeast PA – our modeling agency in the Lehigh Valley, PA area and our modeling agency near Philadelphia, PA – let’s see what they have to say about our models and actors and administrative staff,,,

Lutron shoot – 2/18
“The shoot Friday went really well. Denise and Chase were professional and a delight to work with. Thank you for all your hard work.”

(Pictured; Look Models for Lutron, Italian Vanity Fair & Men’s Health!  Keep scrolling for more testimonials!)

Penn State shoot – 3/17
“The shoot was a success! All of the talent you provided were absolutely wonderful to work with. Because of the technical complexity of the shooting style, there were often long breaks between scenes and the patience and professionalism of the actors was greatly appreciated. ”

Italian Vanity Fair shoot- 4/16
“The guys were great! We had an amazing shoot!”

Men’s Health shoot – 4/17
“I’m glad the ladies had fun up here. The girls were definitely a pleasure to work with. All of them took direction well and also took the video to a different level by adding their own personalities to it. I left the shoot feeling confident that the edits for the video will be awesome and that our guys will absolutely love them!”

Pride Mobility Products shoot – 8/18
“The shoot went great. Both models were great to work with and did an excellent job. Thank you again for working with me with the weather.  I look forward to working with you and your company again in the near future.”

TC Motion shoot – 9/17
“Lorraine was AWESOME!  She is such a pro and the client was more than thrilled with her.  The client just kept saying that her delivery etc made them want to buy the product because she was so believable… exactly what they wanted.  She really did so well. She made the crew’s job really easy and was a pleasure to work with.”

MoxieMinds shoot – 2/18
“It’s a wrap! Just writing to give you 110+  for all the models I have worked with for both of these shoots. Models brought a lot to the table- not just looking good. They provided creative input when asked, and made the days super fun. We had a lot of great laughs.  Thanks for all of your help coordinating! You are a delight to work with.”