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At Work

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It’s all about the “LOOK”

Since 1992, LOOK MODELS AND ACTORS AGENCY has matched talented actors, models and pets to thousands of requests from advertising agencies, photographers, filmmakers, TV shows, magazines and promoters of live events. We have offices in Bethlehem, PA and Doylestown, PA.

Our database of models and actors is just a small sampler of the “looks” we have of experienced talent in the Lehigh Valley, PA., Philadelphia,  New Jersey, the Poconos, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Washington DC and Virginia. We represent a wide array of models and actors of all age groups: adults, teens, tweens, children and babies. If you don’t see a model or actor in our database that fits your project, please give us a call to choose from a wide array of additional talent. We’re confident that we can find the perfect model or actor for your project.

Are you a New Face trying to get started? Visit Become A Model or Actor for information on how to join our agency.

Looking for a Model or Actor?

Search our database with more than 600 models and actors.

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Learn the skills necessary to build your acting career.

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See the features of our 3000 square foot photo studio.

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Look your best in front of the camera.

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