First right of refusal is a term that is used to ‘hold’ the status of a model or actor for a job. This is between the talent, the agency, and the client.  If your agency has successfully booked you on a job that you have agreed to, this means that the client has selected you for the booking!

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Often times some of the details that are part of a booking need to be ironed out. These may be things such as wardrobe, weather, location, product availability, insurance, etc. If the client is unsure of some of the details, but they have already selected you for the job, they will ask for first right of refusal. This means that if you have accepted the job and everything about the job such as pay rate etc, out of professional courtesy, you agree to not take another job for the projected date. If another opportunity arises, and you are on first right of refusal, you must contact your agency to check on the status of the booking before accepting another job for that date.  If you do not do this, it is almost a certain guarantee that the client and your agency will not work with you for future bookings.  Sometimes you will be asked by your agent to ‘hold’ the date which is basically the same thing as first right of refusal, just not as firm of a commitment.

In conclusion, if either of these terms are used, you must contact your agency before accepting a different booking for that same date. In summary, this is a very good thing. This means that the client wants you and only you for the job. Congratulations!!!