This is a question that we are asked all the time. Most people think or have heard that models should be tall. If there are no tall genes in your family, don’t be discouraged!! Modeling and acting could still be for you!!! Here’s why –

First of all, the ‘being tall to model’ issue usually refers to women age 15 to 25 who are primarily fashion models that model clothing and the latest designer fashions for print and runway.  And this also pertains to men age 15 to 25 that model designer fashions and clothing for print and runway.  The height requirement for women is usually 5’8” to 5’11” to be a fashion model and to be body proportionate which means that the height and weight have to coincide as it pertains to body mass. For men, the height requirement is generally 5’11” to 6’2” to model clothing and must also be height and weight proportionate as it pertains to body mass. It is suggested that models that are taller look better in the clothing because it seems to flow better off of the human body therefore not gapping or wrinkling. So, for fashion models, tall and thin seems to be the industry requirement.

However, not to worry my shorter friends!! There are so many other types of modeling in the world today such as commercial and lifestyle modeling and video acting. This refers to all types of product and service bookings for print modeling and acting for video. Commercial and lifestyle projects are extremely broad based especially in the world of social media today for website, Facebook, Instagram etc. But print modeling can also still include more traditional work for catalogs, magazines, newspapers, point-of-sale material, packaging, billboards, book covers, pamphlets etc. Acting for a video is also very popular in the world of social media for YouTube, Facebook, website, etc. but can also pertain to more traditional acting for video for projects such as TV commercials, demonstration videos, music videos, industrial, corporate and pharmaceutical videos, in-house training videos, fitness videos etc. Commercial and lifestyle modeling and acting jobs generally do not have height and weight requirements for adults and teens, as long as the body is proportionate and fits the specs that the client is looking for. Acting for videos can be speaking or non-speaking roles.

In child and baby modeling there is generally not a height requirement at all, but talent should also be height and weight proportionate, and must also fit the specs and requirements that the client is looking for.

Finally, the most important thing is that a talent be completely honest and realistic about their height and weight. Especially when completing interview forms and resumes that ask for current height and weight. Before going on auditions, go see’s, screen tests or any other appointments where you will be meeting a potential agent or client, a talent should be completely prepared with accurate height, weight, sizes and measurements. Measurements for females especially teens and adults are bust, waist, hips and for male talent should include neck, sleeve, chest, waist and inseam. You will look like much more of a professional if you are prepared with this information and if you are 100% accurate. Agents and clients will eventually find out if you have been less than accurate and this could be detrimental to your relationship with them. So just be honest!!